Annual Charity Dinner

The SWA Charity Dinner is one of our longest running charity initiatives to raise funds for our beneficiaries. The Miss Singapore International Beauty Pageant is the highlight of our annual charity dinner, themed “Beauty with Heart and Purpose”; the pageant encapsulates the true meaning behind the programme – to provide for the underprivileged through charity. Winners will be invited to participate  in Miss International in Japan, Miss Supranational in Poland, Miss Asia Pacific International in Philippines and Miss Tourism Queen of the Year in Shanghai.  


The Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) has been organising beauty pageants since 1975 and is the first organisation to raise funds for the needy. The funds raised have benefited many underprivileged children, old folks and the community. For the past 20 years. SWA has been the organiser of the Miss Singapore/Miss International beauty pageant. 


The theme of the pageant, "Beauty With Heart" encapsulates the true meaning behind the programme, which is to provide for the underprivileged through charity. We are also the first to organise a series of beauty pageants such as: 


Our Founding President, Mrs Seow Peck Leng had in those days worked hard to change the image of beauty pageants and SWA has continued to adhere to the following objectives: 


  • To raise funds for a worthy cause

  • To encourage ladies endowed with beauty to make use of this gift and any talents they may have for a worthy cause To train the younger generation to be civic conscious and to instil in them a sense of civic responsibility and a desire to render service to the less fortunate

  • To give as many young ladies as possible a chance to enrich their personality and knowledge; improve their appearance, poise and posture, and especially to further improve their human relations

  • To give the ladies a chance to meet and live with people of other countries to promote goodwill, friendship, respect and tourism for Singapore 


Charity Proceedings & Beneficiaries 

All nett proceeds from the beauty pageants held by the Singapore Women's Association have been donated to charity for our beneficiaries.


Besides generating funds, such contests also provide the opportunity for young girls to be exposed to community services. It serves as a means of focusing attention on the social responsibilities and obligations which organizations and individuals have to undertake in the service of others. Not only are the ladies made aware of the needs of the less fortunate and handicapped but they also learn how best these people can be helped. The contestants are taken to various homes like those of the sick, handicapped, the retarded and the aged. Such personal visits will, it is hoped, instil in our young self-discipline, self respect and compassion. 

About Miss International  


The history of the Miss International Beauty Pageant spans around half a century of the passion and energy of delegates from around the world who have sought to "contribute to global society." 


Miss International began in 1960 in Long Beach, California, where it was staged until 1967, before moving to Japan from 1968-1970 to commemorate the Osaka World Expo (the 1968 Pageant was held at the Nippon Budokan, with the "Ginza Parade" from Hibiya Park to Nihonbashi received to great acclaim). This led to it being staged in Japan every year from 1972 onward. What is more, Miss International contestants have appeared at every international expo held in Japan so far, lending glamour to the venue. 


Under the slogans of "achieving world peace through mutual understanding" and "proper understanding of Japan in a globalized society," the Miss International Beauty Pageant has grown into a quasi-national event, so that it is now known as the "Olympics of Beauty." The aim of this "Beauty Festival" is for each delegate to compete not on external beauty alone, but as popular-level diplomats who proactively carry out international exchange activities such as exchange with the regional community and the Miss International Forum, as well as social contribution activities such as charity events and ecology campaigns. 

About Miss Suprational


The first Miss Supranational competition began life in 2009 held in the beautiful city of Płock, Poland.  Our first ever group of contestants came from almost 40 countries around the world, TODAY after 8 years the number has doubled to more than 80 competitors from every continent. 


This proved that Miss Supranational has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious live TV Shows. The 2010 and 2011 editions were also broadcasted live by satellite from Plock but in 2012 the competition changed locations and moved the event to the capital city of Poland, Warsaw. In 2013, with interest growing internationally, the pageant travelled for the first time to another country. The capital city of Belarus, Minsk, played host to a spectacular show which was presented the Global Beauties Award for BEST STAGE of the year beating the more traditional and established pageants. 2014 contest saw the return of the competition to its roots in Poland and this time the honor went to the city of Krynica –Zdrój. The show’s television audience has grown remarkably quickly since the beginning and now rivals other pageants as having worldwide audiences of more than 100 Million people in more than 120 countries. 


The 8th edition of Miss Supranational returned to the winter wonderland of Krynica–Zdrój for a third time to enjoy the warm hearted nature of the people and the extraordinary setting of the contest. 

About Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International  

The first ever Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International was staged in Kuala Lumpur, the City of Lights in 1993. The President and Franchise Owner, Datuk Danny Ooi invited a total of 20 countries to the world final. 
Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International is an international world class event that honours the exceptional women of today, women who gracefully uphold the epitome of beauty, poise, good moral character and personality. 
A unique beauty pageant that showcases the gems of the respective participating nation. Like a diamond, the pageant unfolds the brilliance and magnificence of its distinctiveness and grace of a perfect woman. 
Significance of the title cannot be belittled as it elevates the whole premise of beauty pageants to a higher level, directing international attention to the role of women in today’s society. 

About Miss Asia Pacific International  


Miss Asia Pacific International is an organisation that enables women to embrace, express, and exercise their individuality.Miss Asia Pacific International is a beauty pageant headquartered in Manila, Philippines and held in various locations in Asia and Oceania since 1968. It is the oldest such pageant in Asia

Current Pageant Queens

Eileen Feng

Miss Singapore International 2018 


S Priyanka Annuncia 

Miss Singapore Supranational 2018


Nerrine Ng

Miss Singapore Asia Pacific International 2018 

Past Pageant Queens


  • Kylie Yeo, Miss Singapore International

  • Lynn Teo, Miss Supranational

  • Lynette Chua, Miss Asia Pacific International

  • Janice Sia, Miss Singapore Tourism Queen of the Year International



  • Wang Hui Qi, Miss Singapore International

  • Chloe Xu, Miss Supranational

  • Ariel Xu, Miss Singapore Asia Pacific International

  • Kaitlyn Xu, Miss Singapore Tourism Queen of the Year International



  • Rozanne Zhang, Miss Singapore International

  • Sharon Nadine Wee, Miss Singapore Supranational



  • Vanessa Sim Zhen Wei, Miss Singapore International



  • Chew Jia Min, Miss Singapore International



  • Leong Ying Mae, Miss Singapore International



  • Stella Kae Sze Yun, Miss Singapore International



  • Tan Yong Ying, Miss Singapore International



  • Annabelle Liang, Miss Singapore International



  • Tok Wee Ee, Miss Singapore International



  • Christabel Tsai, Miss Singapore International



  • Genecia Luo, Miss Singapore International



  • Catherine Tan, Miss Singapore International



  • Sherry Ng, Miss Singapore International



  • Berlin Koh, Miss Singapore International



  • Marie Wong, Miss Singapore International



  • Juley Abdullah, Miss Singapore International



  • Lorraine Koo, Miss Singapore International



  • Janice Koh, Miss Singapore International



  • Sudha Menon, Miss Singapore International


  • Joey Chan, Miss Singapore International



  • Carel Low, Miss Singapore International



  • Lynette Lee, Miss Singapore International



  • Jocelyn Teo, Miss Singapore International



  • Teri Tan, Miss Singapore International



  • Lily Goh, Miss Singapore International



  • Audrey Tan, Miss Singapore International



  • Gennie Wong, Miss Singapore International



  • Angeline Lip, Miss Singapore International



  • Majorie Tan, Miss Singapore International



  • Teo Ser Lee, Miss Singapore International



  • Audrey Chua, Miss Singapore International



  • Wong Ee Leng, Miss Singapore International

  • Elsie Oh, Miss Singapore Asia Quest



  • Patricia Ngow, Miss Singapore International



  • Angela Tan, Miss Singapore International



  • Shanaz A Ghani, Miss Singapore International

  • Wendy Liong, Miss Singapore Young International



  • Adda Pang, Miss Singapore World

  • Lajiah Sharma, Miss Singapore Asia



  • Violet Lee, Miss Singapore World



  • Rosie Tan, Miss Singapore World



  • Veronica Loudes, Miss Singapore World



  • Pauline Cheong, Miss Singapore World



  • Maggie Sim, Miss Singapore World

  • Jacqueline Stuart, Miss Singapore Asia


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