President's Message


It is an honour and privilege to serve as the President of the Singapore Women’s Association (SWA). I am humbled and deeply grateful to the membership and the board of directors for electing me and providing me with this opportunity.


SWA is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and membership supported organization registered in Singapore. It was founded in 1954 as Siglap Girls’ Club. Its object is to support non-profit and non-governmental organisation committed to actively:


  1. Provide opportunities for women to help one another socially, educationally, culturally and to serve the community especially the elderly.

  2. Enhance better health, livelihood and social status for women and children

  3. Promote fellowship, cultural interests and participation in the community activities locally and globally.


To accomplish its mission, SWA


  • Encourage women to play a more important role in the educational, cultural, social and economic development of Singapore

  • Give assistance to the under-privileged

  • Bring cheer to the less fortunate


With my newly-elected board, we are engaged in strategic planning to contemplate our society’s future. Our priorities are to strengthen the SWA membership and serve our members and our community as best we can. To this end, I urge you to become involved with SWA and spread the word to your colleagues encouraging them to join us. Please, help us reach out to colleagues at different local non-profit organizations and even non-governmental organizations.


I am proud to report some highlights of our achievements and successes. I start with our latest accomplishment:


  • Annual Old Folks lunch in partnership with SPC where we hosted lunch for 300 old folks

  • Annual Fund Raising Charity Dinner


We were also successful in hosting the 22nd Federation of the Asian Women’s Association Convention in 2016.

Keeping up with technology and new media of communication, SWA now has a Facebook page. Please follow us and send us your feedback.


I welcome all new SWA members and all new board members and I am looking forward to working with my board and all of you for the good of our society.




Lee Li Hua

Executive Committee and Board Members​

Lee Li Hua



Professions/Experience in Charities 

Private Banker in a Swiss Pte Bank

Organizing and leading the team for SWA Annual Charity Gala Dinner

Organizing the Miss Singapore International Pageant since 1993

Organizing Chairperson for the FAWA convention held in Singapore in 2016

Leading a team of 12 ladies to Macau for their Annual Sports Festival

Actively supporting all SWA events since 1991 including eye screening, elderly home visits, Lunar New Year Lunch for the elderly


Active member of Charity Team with previous employer

Committee member to organize off site trip with previous employer

Achievement: Received NCSS 20 years long service award



President of SWA since 2016
Vice President/Secretary for SWA since 1991

3rd VP on FAWA Board(Federation of Asia-Pacific Women's Association) 



  • To live life to the fullest 

  • To travel as much as possible around the world 

  • To be able to contribute to society and do more charity work 



Wendy Khon Won Chu

1st Vice President


Wendy is member of Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) since 1984 and is privileged to learn and to work closely with founding President. She learnt from Mrs Seow how to run and to organise Miss Singapore International Beauty Pageant. She had her first experience in helping organise such a glittering event in 1986 and went on to help in organising and coordinating Beauty Pageants until 1998. Wendy's other pet projects of SWA are the Singapore Visioncare Program and the yearly Lunar New Year Lunch for the Elderly.


Wendy served in positions of Asst Secretary and Hon. Secretary of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Association (FAWA) and has travelled extensively to attend the various FAWA Conventions in Guam, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea.


Experience /Involvement in Charities

  1. Committee Member, Asst Secretary and 3rd Vice President of Singapore Women Association (SWA)

  2. Asst Secretary and Secretary of Federation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Association (FAWA)

  3. Member, Vice-Chairman, Asst Secretary of Women’s Executive Committee, Thomson CC (WEC) since 1988.

  4. Member, Secretary, Inter Racial Confidence Circle, Braddell Heights CC (BHCC IRCC) since 2007

  5. Executive Committee Board Member of Care Manager Service Singapore (CMSS) in 2013

  6. Member, Competent Toastmaster, Thomson Toastmasters Club in 1988 - 2004


  1. Organising Chairperson for SWA Lunar New Year Lunch for the Elderly since 2004

  2. Organising Co-Chairperson for the FAWA Convention held in Singapore in 2004.

  3. Organising Chairperson for Community Day with BH IRCC & RCs of BH in 2011

  4. Organising Chairperson for 1st SWA Flag Day in 2011

  5. Trainer in Effective Communication and Public Speaking for Sec 1 Students


  1. Awarded the Division Outstanding Service Award (DSM), Thomson CC in 2007

  2. Received the 25 years Community Long Service Award from PA in 2013

  3. Received the 30 years Volunteer Long Services Award from MCYS in 2017

  4. Received  Grand Award for community  long service in appreciation of 30 years of  dedicated voluntary services to the community from pa on 31 Aug 2019


To continue to be an efficient team player in life and at work. It is through team work that great and successful projects are achieved.

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” Margaret Carty

Anny Leow Siew Chin

2nd Vice President



  • 2nd Vice President of Singapore Women’s Association

  • Chairperson of Singapore Visioncare Programme

  • Project I-Care Program Coordinator



  • Organize Eye Screening in Communities

  • Nursing Homes Give Eye Care Talks

  • Active involvement in Macula and Glaucoma patient support groups

  • Co-ordinate Clinical Eye Research at NUH

  • Received Project I-Care 10-year Service Award 2013

  • Meritorious Service Award 2007

Dr Stephanie Young

3rd Vice President


Dr Stephanie Ming Young is an associate consultant in the Ophthalmology Department in National University Hospital. She has a special interest in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the eyelids and orbit and has received several grants and published various papers on the subject in peer-reviewed journals.


She won the Gold Medal and Book Prize in Ophthalmology, and received a Distinction Award for Ophthalmology-related research for her Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in medical school at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Since then, she has won several Ophthalmology-related awards including: Eye Foundation Award – National Ophthalmology Residents Research Day 2014, Best Young Teacher Award – NUH Ophthalmology 2014, Winner of Free Paper – Confluence 2013, and Best Paper Award – NUHS Residents Research Day 2011.


Her passion in Oculoplastics-related research has led her to win several research grants including:


SNEC HREF Study grant, NUHS Clinician Scientist Program Residency Grant, and SERI Pilot Grant. She is also actively involved in the study of eyelid disorders such as ptosis, and collaborates closely with engineers from NUS on research in the field to improve the diagnosis and management of eyelid disorders.


Aside from clinical work and research, Dr Young is a clinical lecturer with the NUS Clinical Faculty Scheme and teaches medical students as well as junior doctors. She strongly believes in giving back actively to society and sits on the executive committee of Singapore Women’s Association, where she runs monthly free eye screening events for the poor and underprivileged as part of the Singapore Visioncare Programme. She has also been volunteering for many cataract and Oculoplastic trips to remote areas in need of eyecare in China, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Angela Wong Lai Sheung

Honorary Treasurer

Professions/Experience in Charities 

  • Treasurer/Programe Director/Secretary  for SWA since 1992 

  • Deputy Director (Finance) 

  • Trustee, The Library Fund (2014 to 2017) 

  • Director, Asian Film Archive  Limited (till 2017) 

  • Director, Athena Academy Limited



  • National Day Award – Public Administration Medal (Bronze), 2012 

  • Long Service Award NLB – Twenty years 

  • Work Life Award – Manager : 2008 



  •  To  live with Perseverance and Purpose.  

  •  My close friends are friends from the Singapore’s Women’s Association. 

  •  We encourage one another during different phases in life.  

Hon Secretary



  • A seasoned HR professional with regional exposure

  • Master in Business Administration

  • Master in Human Resources Management

  • SHRI HR Certification



  • Volunteer with SWA Vision care Programme.

  • An active member of Charity Team in her previous employment to drive charitable giving programs to empower underprivileged children with the skills for independent living in society and helping the elderly to live life with dignity.



  • Dedicated to making a difference in one’s life through volunteerism.

  • Empowering women to realise their fullest potential.

Joyce Yeo Lay Suat

Assistant Secretary


Professions/Experience in Charities

  • Assistant Honorary Treasurer, SWA

  • Held positions of Committee member, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer



  • Miss Singapore International pageant – responsible for logistic during the event, table sales collection and seating arrangement.

  • Old folk lunch – responsible of packing angbao money and distributed to various old folk home and group.

  • SVP – help in setting and moving eye screening equipment to venues

  • Flag Day / Community Day –responsible for distribution and collection.

  • Christmas party – assists in registration and programme for the event.



  • Giving back to society as and when I have time to contribute.

Serene Tan

Assistant Treasurer


  •  Accountant 

Experience in Charities

  • Joined as a member in 2014 and board member as Assistant Treasurer in 2018

Contributions to SWA

  • Volunteer for SVP/eye screening

  • Help out in the CNY old folk lunch

  • Help out in the sale of tickets in 2018 and 2019 Charity Dinner

  • Participate in the 2019 Women’s Sports Festival in Macau

  • Participate in the Community Chest – Heartstrings Walk

  • Participate in the community service to Nursing Home


  • Do my part to contribute to the society, help the needy and charity work

  • Sharing

Lynette Lee

Communication Director 

Professions/Experience in Charities 

  • VP at innovations lab in an European Bank

  • Founder for Leigh Atelier 

  • Member of ORA /FWA

  • Secretary for CTA 

  •  Masters in business administration 

  • Financial certifications from Yale 

  • Sustainability certifications from UN and SMU



  • Board member of SWA since 2016 

  • Sourcing/Training/Coordination 



Diversity and inclusion 


Kyla Tan

Membership Director

Profession/experience in Charities:

Key Account Manager

Participated in various organisations and activities since school days. Volunteered with SWA since 2010 and subsequently joined the executive committee. Chairperson of SWA Annual Charity Gala Dinner featuring Miss Singapore Pageant International.

Contribution /Awards

Miss Singapore International 2010

Long Service Award by NCCS


Kyla will like to continue learning, sharing and inspiring others through her own experiences and storie

Angeline Yang

Programme Director


  • Retired Officer from Civil Service.

Experience in Charities

  • Experience in charity works at old age Homes and Children Homes.

Contributions to SWA

  • Retired from the uniform group in 2017

  • In the process to join back as a civilian


·         Bring cheers to needy

·         Contribute to society

·         Make new friends

·         Help out in charity event, etc

Roxanne Zhang

Logistics Director


Professions/ Experience in charities
Digital marketer

Contribution/ Awards
Member of SWA / Renci voluntary works

1. To influence and nurture young women
2. Able to experience all the greatest around the world
3. Happy and contented of a career that I love.

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Kimberly Lam

Board Member


Senior Financial Consultant, Prudential

Experience in Charities

There is a special spot in Kim's heart for people with special needs. Kim used to help out at the Riding For Disabled Association, guiding mentally-challenged kids on therapeutic horse riding lessons.

Contribution/ Awards
1. Miss Singapore International 2014, Finalist

2. Joined the SWA/MSI team to Nepal, bring English lessons to the local children through music and drama.

When I first got introduced to SWA back in 2014, it opened my eyes to a world of supportive women, empowering and uplifting one another. I hope to do the same for ladies we will be working and meeting with in the years to come.  This healthy culture sites close to my heart, and I love to spread this message with all the people we will meet in the time to come.

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Sarah Mei Woo



  • SWA President 2002 to 2016

Ms. Susy Chia



  • SWA President 1991 to 2002 

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