Programme: Elderly
Date: August 10, 2019
Author: Angela Wong Lai SheungAngela Wong Lai Sheung

NDP Celebrations @ Ren Ci Community Hospital

SWA bought national day to seniors in Ren Ci Community Hospital. It is a collaboration with ACE Seniors and Ren Ci volunteers Group ‘Beautiful Sunday”. Ren Ci Community Hospital came alive with the sights and sounds of the National Day Parade. The parade was imagined as a carnival, where food and game booths of yesteryears line the halls, while familiar tunes fill the event space with echoes of nostalgia. Our senior residents, staff and volunteers alike are also treated to various performances and live telecast of the National Day parade. About 50 residents joined the celebration with screening of NDP, performance, games booths and snacks booths.

event photo

SWA @ Ren Ci Community Hospital