Programme: General
Date: March 7, 2022
Author: Lynette LeeLynette Lee

SWA celebrates International Women's Day

Break the bias- What is bias? To break a bias, we need to understand the core of how it developed and what it means contextually to each individual. Can we recognise the colour and impact of our own bias?

At birth, we are a blank slate. We build experiences and learn. Is experience the origin of bias? Is it nurture or nature? 


Every experience is a life episode. These mini-episodes becomes our feelers to manage our expectations and manoeuvre our way in life. They develop as safeguard mechanisms to help us advance and grow or hinder and stumble.

Thus, how do we break this bias?


At Singapore women’s association, we would like to use International Women’s Day to ask everyone to deep dive within ourselves and think about the last time we deliver the bias to others on a daily basis. 

By honestly identifying it, we can take measures to arrest it.

Some introspective questions:
• Are we being biased at home with our family?
• Are we being biased with work allocations?
• Did we actively engage in crucial conversations?
• Was there bias towards a person due to gender/systemic situations/geographical/race/circumstance?


By addressing it, we will break it because we have taken a step forward and face our demons straight in the eyes.

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At SWA, we know that women have been victims of bias(from all genders) in many ways. We try our best to collaborate and work on projects to help women who have been disadvantaged take steps and embark on a new journey. Please find out more from the following projects here:

At SWA, we support women. Domestically abused women are not one category of people. They are women who had a bad experience. Help is needed to get them on their feet. It is not a quest for sympathy, it is growth. Check out our Project Rebuilt- Our collaborative efforts with Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

How do we judge beautiful people? Do we take for granted their abilities or that they have an accelerated path? SWA hosts Miss Singapore Pageant International which emphasized beauty with a heart. The key is to provide exposure to various skillsets that young ladies can use in life later. What do the young ladies take away from the experience? Hear them out.

The pond is only as big as the well we swim in. SWA is actively engaged with FAWA(Federation of Women’s Association) to expand our horizons and cast our lens beyond our sunny island. Here we extrapolate the problems for women across Asia Pacific and communicate on potential solutions to address the findings.