Miss Singapore Pageant International

We believe beauty is more than skin deep and that true beauty comes from within. Our unique proposition is the promotion of critical virtues like charity, goodwill, and grace. We pride ourselves on grooming young women to be female ambassadors and pillars of society.

At Miss International, personality plays a more significant role than looks. We focus on building character and promoting the values of sharing and giving back to society. Our Miss International Foundation supports underprivileged children through various beneficiaries like UNICEF and other charity institutions.


Our pageant isn't just about winning a crown. It's about embarking on a personal journey to be involved in charity and paying it forward with your skills and talents. Our past Miss Internationals have become mentors in their fields and have made a difference in their communities.

As Miss Singapore International, you will represent Singapore on an international platform with 84 contestants worldwide. You'll have the opportunity to exchange and learn from others and to bring forth more women to anchor a role in society with a charitable approach, grace, integrity, and honour. We hope that future generations of women will follow in your footsteps and play a part in holding the flag high by extending themselves in their lifetime.

To join us at Miss International and become a part of our legacy of beauty, grace, and giving back to society, click the button below to register today!


Application is now open!

Audition for Miss Singapore Pageant International 2024 is now open for application.


Gain International Exposure and Experience with Miss International

Exposure and experience: Being a part of a prestigious international event with 84 contestants worldwide offers young women an opportunity to learn from others, exchange ideas, and gain exposure to diverse cultures and traditions. They can build their network, make friends, and develop their personality and communication skills.

Pay it Forward: Use Your Platform to Make a Positive Impact

Chance to pay it forward: Many past Miss International winners have used their platform and experience to become mentors in their fields and get involved in charitable causes. Participating in a beauty pageant competition can offer a chance to give back to society and positively impact the world.

Experience Prestige and Honour with Miss International Beauty Pageant

Prestige and honour: The Miss International Beauty Pageant has been renowned for over half a century. Winning or even participating in such a prestigious event can be a matter of pride and honour.

Represent Your Country on a Global Platform with Miss International

International exposure: Participating in an international beauty pageant allows one to represent one's country globally. The experience can increase awareness about the country's culture and traditions and promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange.

Become a Female Ambassador: Learn Virtues of Charity and Grace

Opportunity to be a female ambassador: Young women who participate in the pageant are groomed to become ambassadors who uphold virtues such as charity, goodwill, grace, and integrity. They are taught to be pillars of society who contribute positively and help underprivileged children through the Miss International Foundation.

At Miss International, we believe that our values are what set us apart from other beauty pageants. We're proud to have received recognition for our commitment to social responsibility and community service.

Join us at Miss International and become a part of our legacy of beauty, grace, and giving back to society. Sign up today to take the first step towards becoming a female ambassador and pillar of society.

Young future female leaders. Grab the opportunity to be the next Miss Singapore International.

This pageant is helmed by Singapore Women Association. An association established since 1975 to promote the well being of young women and build soft skills that will shine in you as an individual.

It is a once in a lifetime experience to forge friendships among your peers and learn global skills on an international platform when you represent your home country in Japan with more than 80 young ladies around the world.

Application is now open!

Audition for Miss Singapore Pageant International 2024 is now open for application.