SWA has been organizing the Lunar New Year Luncheon for the Elderly since 1977. Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) is the anchor sponsor of the event and has partnered SWA since 2006 to share this “chun jie” (春节) festivity with the old folks and to bring cheers to our needy elderly friends.  The lunch was held usually after the 15th day of  the first month in Lunar New Year .  Er Ku was engaged to provide the entertainment programme.  About 300 old folks are invited.  The elders were treated to a sumptuous Halal & Non Halal Chinese lunch. Each elderly received some red packets and a goody bag. They had a wonderful time with the very innovative and retro nostalgic acts and songs put together by the group of entertaining artists arranged by Er Ku.  SPC has pledged its support to continue sponsoring this event. We had very positive feedback from the elderly who attended the lunch and also received thank you letters from the homes.