A friend shared a poem by Max Ehrmann called Desiderata. It is a great reminder in modern times. A period where we are on information highway at breakneck speed and a heady pace of life with white noises from social interaction and social media. 

On a daily basis, Corporate warriors are on the keyboards, Parents ensuring the best for their off-springs, Students are working with peer influence and pressures, Grandparents are coping with health and family. Everyone has a tale to tell from each personal’s perspectives and opinions. The perception of what is useful or beneficial is dependent on each individual’s value proposition. Be it for the general good or for personal self.

Somebody mentioned about the need for the Miss Singapore Pageant International. It was tempting to produce an analysis to defray the confirmation bias hint that came along with the question. However I chose to keep the peace.

What is passion? Is it the love story between Daisy and Jay in The Great Gatsby? Is it the craftsman who is bent double carving the beautiful wooden trays in the small lane in Japan? Is it about sacrifice? Is it about developments? Where does charity come in? It sounds all so confusing. Please be patient and hear me out.

A strong and uncontrollable emotion

A powerful feeling

An extreme interest

Something you area strongly interested in

A strong belief


"Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming after all is a form of planning."

Gloria Steinam

It is an act of nurture. If one has never been shown how to be kind, the cruelness will surface subconsciously one day. The Miss Singapore program requires the finalists to assist at the charity arms we are involve in. It is heartening to learn from an Ex-Queen who shared how she overcame her phobia of communicating with the old folks. It was not a case of she did not want to; it is a situation whereby she did not know how previously. A true lady or true gentleman is built when he or she is bestowed the chance to learn, to truly listen and find solutions for people who are helpless, people who were abused, people who were abandoned. That gives passion in the individual’s life. It is unforgettable. The learning path for years to come from then onwards will always revolve around acts of genuine kindness. She can be a woman of opinions and views but she will have decency and the innate ability to not strike out in action and words if she does not believe in it and this individual will take this experience and play a role in society at the right time and the right place.

Whether the actions come with a personal agenda or for a general good is a question one will raise. This is a question, which only the individual can answer to him/herself. These can be too complicated to dissect.

Miss Philippines delivered pride and joy to the home that she has always support. The country turned its spotlights on her and the quiet home when she won the Miss Universe crown. Was there a positive effect of being recognized?  In view of the general good, I would say yes. We have another young beautiful woman with a heart and it helped the organization receive more awareness for the less fortunate. It allowed more assistance to be channeled to the cause. We have another decent human being on earth who has the power to inspire many more. Yes, it may create jealousy and countless stories behind. It is the after all the aftermath of being in the spotlight. She will learn to stand tall and accept these. She will learn that these ripple effects will double and triple as time passes. However, she has been given the tools to cope with it in her process to be a Queen, she has learnt the skills necessary to filter in her reign. These are invaluable lessons when one young girl onboard and blossom to be a lady. 

It is not about looks, it is about character building, humility, and talent, nurturing ability, decent human value and many other aspects of life. It is an experience that will carry through in life. It is life.

PASSION for Life - through Charity

In pursuit of excellence, the thirst for the beautiful aspects of life is a lifelong project and quest for many. It is easy to form an opinion of worlds and minds as a form of escapade, if we lack the information and empathy for it. 

What does MSPI do to fire this passion and desire? We can only expose and educate so many at any point. Mentorship and sharing is an unspoken requirement. I have seen Queens from Miss Singapore International who has tirelessly helped one another over the years. It is nearly a pre-requisite requirement.

No one can give you a clear direction in life; this has to come from your mind and heart. What others can do is to give you the tools to form your direction.

What is unbridled passion? It is a wildfire that can consume oneself. That's when we see the darker side of life that even one- self will do personal self-justification to align with their passions and behavior. Like Daisy in The Great Gatsby, the burning desire and greed, which consumed her and her loved ones. What drove this emotion? Selfishness, a lack of decency, lack of guidance, greed? 

How does one keep this under check? No one has the perfect solution but we realize that with guidance and education, it gets better and the blurred lines get clearer.


It starts from home. How does one treat your parents? Your helpers? At work and school, how do you communicate with your co-workers, your seniors, and your juniors?

Written by Lynette Lee

(Miss Singapore Globe 1994,

Miss Singapore International 1995)

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