IN PURSUIT OF PASSION (Series Two) - Leadership

Ellen Degeneres is an eminent American comedian, television host, actress, writer, producer and activist.

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Ellen Degeneres was on in a stand up after a 15 years break. I particularly liked the matter of fact tone she used when she made this statement “ When something is talked about, and when you see representatives of the subject matter, it demystifies and people are not afraid of it anymore.” She has inspired many with her concept of kindness and respect through her programs and the way she champions individual rights from her heart and humor.

Why do we idolize onscreen personalities, politicians and so on and so forth? It is because these people possess presence. It could be political presence or stage presence. We can simply be awestruck or we divert minimally 70% of our attention on them. Think LKY when he delivers the budget, think of an impactful actress or actor and try to recall your own reaction or your peer’s reaction. It is an enigmatic energy.


Interestingly, most leaders possess this presence. Can it be nurtured or is it by nature? I believe it is a combination. Of course there are more important factors that constitute a good leader. It will be discussed later. For now let’s think about the silent presence when someone with aura walks in a room. How do you get to be that? How to command the attention of a roomful of people? Speech training and grooming can help with stage presence and it is an important part of being a good leader. 


opinions. The perception of what is useful or beneficial is dependent on each individual’s value proposition. Be it for the general good or for personal self.


Somebody mentioned about the need for the Miss Singapore Pageant International. It was tempting to produce an analysis to defray the confirmation bias hint that came along with the question. However I chose to keep the peace.


What is passion? Is it the love story between Daisy and Jay in The Great Gatsby? Is it the craftsman who is bent double carving the beautiful wooden trays in the small lane in Japan? Is it about sacrifice? Is it about developments? Where does charity come in? It sounds all so confusing. Please be patient and hear me out.


Ability to guide and mentor

Possess competency, intelligence and vision

A genuine personality to connect 

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Indra Nooyi is a business executive, formerly CEO of PepsiCo, before serving in board of directors at Amazon.

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Indra is the 4th most influential woman according to Forbes. She maintained her feminity and kindness and showed the next generation of women that we can be ourselves while standing their ground and leading an international corporate. Her brutal honesty has been rejected by some and might have hurt some and received whiplashes of jealous competitors and lesser enemies. She has never flinched and maintained her true self to be honest to herself. We hope that our Queens are expose to inspiring examples and be a beacon of light to the next generation of girls in the modern world in the work force. 

Spend some time this weekend, think of a woman who is an inspiration to you. It can be a leader in any aspect. It could be your mum, your boss, an actress or a political figure. Think of how you can lead another person to a better place, think of what you want to achieve in this lifetime and map out how to do it.

Be an inspiration; be unafraid of the white noises.


Lead with your Head and Your Heart.

A great leader needs to have emotional intelligence. It is an element that we hope to inculcate in our Queens. To develop an understanding of people from all walks of life. To develop empathy. To have the ability to think on a global international level but behave and comprehend local culture. We adapt the Racial Harmony programs, the exposure with 70-100 women from all over the world, our cross borders programs in Macau to encourage people to look after their health. Our Queens learn to see things beyond self, to mentor to learn to share to be a good leader someday. They learn to keep an open mind and adapt. They learn that not everyone will love them. There will be agendas and opinion and envy. They learn to hold their head high and embrace life.

PASSION for Life - through Leadership

Noteworthy women have been taking center stage in recent years. On the corporate global front, we have Sheryl Sandburg who has inspired many and changed corporate cultures. Jessica Tan from Singapore and ex Mc Kinsey has made radical changes and the world’s spotlight on Pingan Group. Ellen Degenereses has liberated the stereotypes of gays and promoted respect and acceptance. Singapore has a female leader in politics, Indra Nooyi has led and inspired with her mantra of “performance with purpose”, Miss Philippines who is the reigning Miss Universe has brought the spotlight on the orphanage she supports and the social developments that need to attention in her home country. All these women have impacted on many lives with their tenacity, brains, personality and influence. 

Written by Lynette Lee

(Miss Singapore Globe 1994,

Miss Singapore International 1995)

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