Past Queens

Eileen Feng - Miss Singapre Internatonal 2018 and Miss Internaiona Asia 2018
Eileen Feng

Miss Singapore International 2018 and Miss International Asia 2018

I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Architecture at the National University of Singapore, and I also hope to build a career in the modelling industry. I’m passionate about design and all things creative and innovative, and I look forward to build an all-rounded portfolio in the industry. I am highly extroverted, and I constantly strive to not only improve myself but also improve the lives of others around me. Being a part of SWA, I love working with kids and being infected with their unbridled energy and creativity. I am also invested in MSI’s vision to cheer on women and help them live their best life.

Priyanka Annuncia - Miss Singapore Supranational 2018
Priyanka Annuncia

Miss Singapore Supranational 2018

I am a creative, confident and ambitious budding young entrepreneur. I have delved into many different careers because I don’t believe in limiting yourself but instead breaking out from your comfort zone and discovering your full potential. I am fortunate to be doing my job as a Personal Trainer, Public Speaking Coach and Proud Business Owner of a Body-Positive Movement. I am currently studying Business Law and Criminology a double major degree at Murdoch University something I have always been passionate about. I pride myself in my optimistic outlook in any situation as well as my excellent leadership skills and passion towards the work that I do. I am looking forward to elevating my experiences by breaking new grounds and impacting new lives!

Nerrine Ng Miss Singapore Asia Pacific 2018
Nerrine Ng

Miss Singapore Asia Pacific International 2018

I pride myself on being cosmopolitan. Not your average leisure traveller, I attribute my fascination with globetrotting to being a Sociology graduate of the National University of Singapore; I have undertaken several solo backpacking adventures, embracing every interaction with the locals as an opportunity to better understand societies nuanced with a wealth of history. A former cabin crew of Singapore Airlines, I versatility currently place me as a business development manager in the tourism industry. Outspoken, I endeavour to empower women and mentor teenagers in need of guidance. Although a classically-trained pianist, I fancy a vast genre of music— from Mandopop to EDM; I count fitness, healthcare and blockchain technology as some of my keen interests. A true blue Singaporean, you will sometimes spot me patiently queuing for the latest food fad.

Kylie Yeo Miss Singapore International 2017
Kylie Yeo

Miss Singapore International 2017

I am a highly creative individual with an Honours degree in Fine Arts from Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design and Media. Currently in the field of specialising in social media and content creation, I spend my free time pursuing my interests in music, illustration and embroidery. Aside my passion for the arts, children and animals hold a special place in my heart and I strive towards making a difference in their lives.

17 Lynn Teo Miss Singapore Suprantional
Lynn Teo 

Miss Singapore Supranational 2017

I am a Procurement Manager for Marketing and Business Services for the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Upon graduating from Singapore Management University, I started my career as a Management Trainee in the Procurement field and have also worked in Laos, the Netherlands and New Zealand.

My working experience moulded me into an adaptable and resilient individual and developed highly valuable skills such as presentation, analysis and relationship management. I was also lucky to have amazing mentors along the way, and that allowed me to fast track my career progression.

My next milestone is to build a business of my own as well as a platform to help the low-income group in Singapore.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-29 at 1.42.51 PM
Lynette Chua

Miss Singapore Asia Pacific 2017

I am a bubbly, energetic yet matured individual who strives to live a fulfilling and impactful life. I am pursuing an honours degree as a full-time student at Nanyang Technological University, and I am also modelling part-time with NOW Model Management. When I graduate, I aim to begin a purposeful career that develops me individually while providing me with the opportunities to push boundaries and pursue breakthroughs with the potential to make significant contributions to society.

On the personal side, I enjoy exercising, travelling, spending quality time and having good, meaningful conversations with my family, partner and friends. I enjoy socialising and am thankful that by joining the pageant and modelling over the years, I have honed my communication skills. Conversely, as outgoing as I may seem, I do appreciate my alone time as well, where I can de-stress, recharge and prepare to make tomorrow a better one

17_janice Sia Miss Tourism Queen 2 (edit
Janice Sia

Miss Singapore Tourism Queen of the Year International 2017

Beauty pageants were something I would never think of joining, but I have no regrets and I’m very grateful for the entire program. Through this program that MSPI has set up, I made many close friends, both in the local and overseas competition. And on top of that, I’ve also gained many learning experiences from all the trainers and mentors in MSPI (SWA). Taking part in pageant requires a lot more hard work than you think. We had to put in extra hours of practice out of training time, doing things like practising In heels, catwalk, poses, dance practice and more. It was especially tough and challenging for someone with no background like me, but very fulfilling. Prior to this competition, I was a timid girl with low self-esteem and confidence. I dare not present myself in front of the audiences and do not bother to project a good image of myself. I am amazed at how this pageant experience has changed me. One big change in my life was learning how to put on makeup and styling my hair. I’ve grown tremendously in my confidence and in carrying myself. Through the many events and activities in the pageant journey, I’ve learnt how to adapt to the environment easily. I am proud to say that I am now a girl who has "graduated" from this program and am ready to take on even bigger challenges in the future.

16 wang hui qi MI 2016 (edited-Pixlr).jp
Wang Huiqi

Miss Singapore International 2016

I am a mature, driven, and hardworking individual who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task. I am a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore and am currently working in the Real Estate Industry. Real Estate has always been my passion because of how impactful it is to people's everyday life. It gives me great satisfaction to see how I can create something out of nothing but just bricks and mortar, which will, in turn, create experiences and memories for the users. Growing up as an independent child, I've worked for many different types of part-time jobs (mainly sales). These experiences have trained me to be resourceful and dynamic people's person. The perseverance to be self-sufficient since 18-year-old and courage to step out of my comfort zone has also shaped who I am today. These two values are values that I hold with high regards as they continue to guide me through any challenges or opportunities I'll face in the future. I believe that community service is a lifelong work for everybody. Therefore, I aim to become the best of myself so that I can, in return, serve the community to the best of my ability.

16 chloe Xu Miss Singapore Supranational
Chloe Xu

Miss Singapore Supranational 2016

I am a strong advocate of SWA’s motto, Beauty with a Heart and Purpose. A beauty pageant should not only focus on external beauty but their service to the community, being a role model and making a difference in other people’ lives. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Media and Communications, which led to my endeavours in the fin-tech industry followed by the oil industry. I take pride in my beliefs and experiences to help inspire and motivate people. After the pageant, I initiated the MSPI Alumni group to reconnect all of the past beauty queens, which aimed to reinforce leadership, friendship and service to the community with our network. Being part of SWA has been a great platform to nurture future women leaders of tomorrow, and I look forward to contributing more to society.

16 Ariel Xu Miss Singapore Asia Pacific
Ariel Xu

Miss Singapore Asia Pacific 2016

I am out-going and independent, with a great passion for travel as well as food. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, currently building a professional career in the hospitality and customer service industry. I possess a positive attitude, dedication, and a keen interest in learning new things. Being able to multi-task and maintain professionalism while working under pressure are also my strengths. My ability to build rapport with customers paired with my strong communication skills, has enabled me to excel in my professional career. These skills definitely come in handy whenever I reach out to the needy. Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) has been a very supportive platform for me. SWA nurtured me into a beautiful and confident woman, and most importantly, to stay humble and true to myself. I am truly blessed to be part of the SWA family and thankful to have fulfilling and memorable pageant as well as volunteer experiences. I am deeply inspired by SWA’s volunteerism spirit – ‘giving without expecting anything in return’. I aim to give back to the community and help the needy by staying involved in community projects, especially through the platform established by SWA.

16 Kaitlyn Xu Miss Singapore Tourism Que
Kaitlyn Xu

Miss Singapore Tourism Queen of the Year International 2016

​A little background about myself, I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and started my career in Singapore Airlines head office. I'm a responsible, motivated and friendly individual with a great passion for volunteerism. I believe that a beauty queen should be a woman of compassion and leadership, to provide service for the community and to build more leaders around her. It was such a wonderful and enriching pageant journey, through all the hard work and bonding with the other girls, in Singapore and internationally. With SWA, I hope to create more meaningful experiences and shape myself and others to be a better person each day.

15 Roxanne Zhng Miss Singapore Interntio
Roxanne Zhang

Miss Singapore International 2015

Graduated from Beijing Central Drama Academy Performing Arts Advance Course in 2017; Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing; and Diploma in Marine and Offshore Technology in Nava Arch Design. A Corporate speaker, a signed artist in Beijing and also an actress and model in Singapore.

As a modern woman, I’m a risk-taker. About 2 years ago, I dropped everything in Singapore: family, friends, career and left for China, Beijing to chase my dream. I was given the opportunity and signed to an artist agency. Most of my friends would say that I’m crazy, but I will always say, don’t live life with regrets, even though there is only 1% of the chance of being successful. And that’s why I also started my own company, Modesugar, a fashion digital magazine.

This is my 4th year being part of Singapore women’s association and the greatest part of being in this community is how I get to inspire and help young women every year when they join us in the journey of our beauty pageant. Singapore women’s association, in short SWA strongly believe in helping the elderly and this is something that I truly believe in too. We have regular visits to Ren Ci Hospital and also Lion’s home to visit the elderly. I’m very close with my grandparents and they were a huge influence on my life. Thus, being able to bring smiles to the elderly warms my heart and gives me the drive to wake up early on a Sunday when I have to.

15 Sharon Nadine Wee Miss Singapore Supr
Sharon Nadine

Miss Singapore Supranational 2015

I am a highly motivated, positive, and independent individual who is currently a Complex Leader in the airline industry. As a young leader, I am able to lead my team on flights, encouraging them to handle difficult situations, and lead by example to be strong and resilient. Naturally, I have a desire to travel and see the world as well. This allows me to share new experiences with the future leaders that MSPI will create on how to be a leader and how to embrace different cultures of the world.

Kyla Tan
Kyla Tan

Miss Singapore International 2010

I'm often quoted as "The queen who has never left".

I celebrated my twenteens with SWA, from my graduation from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with an Honours degree in Chemistry & Biological Chemistry, to getting certified as a Style Coach, and becoming a Sales Manager in the Healthcare sector.

Through these years, I am heartened to witness and support the amazing transformations of queens and finalists, each with laudable qualities, shining in their own ways. They are testimonies to MSPI being a meaningful platform to develop aspiring young female leaders with good heart and purpose to achieve great things in the global arena.

My greatest privilege is to have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside many inspiring ladies in SWA. SWA is like family to me. And I extend my warmest welcome to you, our next queen.

2005 Sherry Ng Miss Singapore Internatio
Sherry Ng

Miss Singapore International 2004

Formerly a journalist in Singapore’s Chinese media whose stories won awards, I switched into private banking 13 years ago and have a wealth of experience with China, Indonesia and Middle Eastern clients, winning awards & accolades in banks I was with — Standard Chartered Private Bank, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan & Bank of Singapore. Started my own business in asset management 3 years ago, coming out from the sheltered environment of banking institutions opened my eyes to the reality of a society where I built my own brand name with no particular bank as my employer /“backer”. The experience made me more mature & discerning, and I am thankful for the people who truly got my back — family, friends and wonderful clients who believe in me and are now my mentors, client and Friend.


Beauty lies in character — strength, passion & love. I do not bend myself to fit into others’ moulds but always be myself, and a better myself with each day. Time will show others who you truly are and allow you to discern and build relationships that withstand trials and time. That to me is the true meaning of beauty.


Motto in life: Even if the world has let me down, my smile can still light up someone’s world, so I will not lose faith. Keep smiling!

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 09.35.07
Janice Koh

Miss Singapore International 1999

Graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from National University of Singapore Business School, I was with an MNC in the management consulting industry for 13 years before moving recently to become the Head of Corporate Development for a leading (NYSE listed) Chinese wealth and asset management company. As part of the group’s internationalization strategy, I am responsible for setting up and operationalizing their Singapore office.

SWA holds a very special place in my heart. Not only was I welcomed into a family surrounded by a group of warm-hearted and dedicated women who have selflessly volunteer their time to help and support the underprivileged, it has also provided a platform to women like me where its mission was to provide a “risk free” environment for young women to develop leadership skills by empowering us to realize our potentials and to pursue our dreams while inculcating in us the importance and values of giving back to society.

I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn and share my journey and experiences accumulated in SWA with young women and to help them discover their talents and strengths while opening their minds to new and greater possibilities in life …. to grow stronger, be inspired and to be an inspiration to others in which I personally had benefit from the platform that SWA has provided me with.

Only SWA truly lives up to the spirit of “Beauty with a Heart and Purpose”.

And here’s a quote that I personally live by which is “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”

1995 lynette lee Miss Singapore Internat
Lynette Lee

Miss Singapore International 1995

I was a lucky contender being selected as Miss international in 1995 and picked up a couple of subtitles along the way. It was an enriching environment which has exposed my horizons beyond my comfort zone. All these were made possible by the wonderful committee and the hospitable team in the contest in Japan. The friendships were formed before the era of technological advancements and it certainly has made an impression on a young girl then.


I am currently in Fintech space with a Chinese conglomerate in strategic business development consultancy and have spent my earlier years running my own businesses and sold 2 businesses which allowed me a great travelling sabbatical break amidst completing my masters. I am blessed by the plentiful opportunities in life and the wonderful people I have met along my life journey.


My motto in life: Look deeper, further and beyond. Our time is an investment which is more precious than anything. Use it wisely as it can never be recovered.

Eileen Feng

Miss Singapore International 2018

Kylie Yeo

Miss Singapore International 2017

Lynette Chua

Miss Asia Pacific International 2017

Wang Hui Qi

Miss Singapore International 2016

Ariel Xu

Miss Asia Pacific International 2016

Roxanne Zhang

Miss Singapore International 2015

Vanessa Sim Zhen Wei

Miss Singapore International 2014

Leong Ying Mae

Miss Singapore International 2012

Tan Yong Ying

Miss Singapore International 2010

Tok Wee Ee

Miss Singapore International 2008

Genecia Luo

Miss Singapore International 2006

Sherry Ng

Miss Singapore International 2004

Marie Wong

Miss Singapore International 2002

Lorraine Koo

Miss Singapore International 2000

Suhda Menon

Miss Singapore International 1998

Carel Low

Miss Singapore International 1996

Jocelyn Teo

Miss Singapore International 1994

Lily Goh

Miss Singapore International 1992

Gennie Wong

Miss Singapore International 1990

Majorie Tan

Miss Singapore International 1987

Audrey Chua

Miss Singapore International 1985

Elsie Oh

Miss Singapore Asia Quest 1984

Angela Tan

Miss Singapore International 1982

Wendy Liong

Miss Singapore Young International 1981

Lajiah Sharma

Miss Singapore Asia 1980

Rosie Tan

Miss Singapore World 1978

Pauline Cheong

Miss Singapore International 1976

Jacqueline Stuart

Miss Singapore Asia 1975

Priyanka Annuncia

Miss Singapore Supranational 2018

Lynn Teo

Miss Singapore Supranational 2017

Janice Sia

Miss Singapore Tourism International 2017

Chloe Xu

Miss Singapore Supranational 2016

Kaitlyn Xu

Miss Singapore Tourism International 2016

Sharon Nadine Wee

Miss Singapore Supranational 2015

Chew Jia Min

Miss Singapore International 2013

Stella Kae Sze Yun

Miss Singapore International 2011

Annabelle Liang 

Miss Singapore International 2009

Christabel Tsai

Miss Singapore International 2007

Catherine Tan

Miss Singapore International 2005

Berlin Koh

Miss Singapore International 2003

Juley Abdullah

Miss Singapore International 2001

Janice Koh

Miss Singapore International 1999

Joey Chan

Miss Singapore International 1997

Lynette Lee

Miss Singapore International 1995

Teri Tan

Miss Singapore International 1993

Audrey Tan

Miss Singapore International 1991

Angeline Lip

Miss Singapore International 1988

Teo Ser Lee

Miss Singapore International 1986

Wong Ee Leng

Miss Singapore International 1984

Patricia Ngow

Miss Singapore International 1983

Shanaz A Ghani

Miss Singapore International 1981

Adda Pang

Miss Singapore World 1980

Violet Lee

Miss Singapore World 1979

Veronica Loudes

Miss Singapore World 1977

Maggie Sim

Miss Singapore World 1975