Ren Ci Community Hospital

SWA has adopted Ren Ci Community Hospital for the outreach programme to seniors who stay at the hospital. We foster collaborative partnerships to enhance the well-being and health of people we serve. The objective is to partner with Ren Ci to provide inclusive healthcare for quality and meaningful living.

5 August 2020

2020 is an extremely challenging year for everyone. Covid-19 has left its footprint on our global map and it is still leaving its mark as we speak. It’s massive destructive impact came like an unforeseen typhoon crashing upon all of us. Economies, jobs, lifestyle, daily habits, families, health, education and mental well-being are all impacted. It came as a universal leveller and no one is spared.


Singapore Women Association (SWA) had to learn fast and hard conducting meetings via digital platforms and arrange activities through digital tools. Our annual activities with various homes were disrupted by this global disaster, however we persevered and discover new ways to bring that lift of the lips and twinkle in the eyes of the participants of our evergreen activities.

14 April 2019

Members of SWA brought cheers to residents at Reni Ci Community Hospital. We distributed Tauhuay. Some residents danced and sang with us on the good old songs. We managed to cover 3 levels and 18 wards, hopefully, brought some light moments for them. We are so touched by their joyful responses.

11 August 2019

SWA bought national day to seniors in Ren Ci Community Hospital. It is a collaboration with ACE Seniors and Ren Ci volunteers Group ‘Beautiful Sunday”. Ren Ci Community Hospital came alive with the sights and sounds of the National Day Parade. The parade was imagined as a carnival, where food and game booths of yesteryears line the halls, while familiar tunes fill the event space with echoes of nostalgia. Our senior residents, staff and volunteers alike are also treated to various performances and live telecast of the National Day parade. About 50 residents joined the celebration with screening of NDP, performance, games booths and snacks booths.

 11 August 2018

SWA is actively involved in volunteering & serving residents of a few homes bringing NDP 2018 to the residents of nursing homes. Board n friends went on stage to entertain the guests with a few beautiful songs. Recited the nation's pledge and singing our national anthem There are ice cream sandwich, teh tarik, kueh tutu, soya bean curd, wafers, kachang puteh and games, paint with colours...Colour Your World! It's a meaningful, caring and heartwarming activity.

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