Introducing SWA Laughter Yoga Wellness Club

The SWA Laughter Yoga team brought laughter and joy to our seniors at Ren Ci Community Hospital. Despite restrictions from safe management measures, the SWA team provided physical, mental and emotional benefits of laughter over Zoom to many seniors from various branches under Ren Ci Community Hospital.

Annual Charity Gala Dinner 2022

Annual Charity Gala Dinner has been rescheduled to 11th June 2022


Our events and activities focus on contributing towards three key pillars. They are Elderly, Community and Diversity.

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SWA Appreciation Dinner

At SWA we have been garnering great support year on year from many caring people to our meaningful causes to empower women. We continually host an annual dinner with all our annual donors, partners, sponsors and volunteers. 
This coming 17th December 2021, we will be hosting a digital version to express our appreciation to all who have contributed massively to the causes we uphold in our mission

SWA Appreciation Dinner

NDP Cheers 2021

Our Pioneer generation grew up during the tumultuous years of the 1930s and early 1960s. They steered the labour force in turbulent times, building a sturdy foundation.The covid situation has greatly reduced the quality of daily lives.This year, SWA improved on our AV preparations to enhance the quality of the celebration with our highly valued partners - Ren Ci Hospital and ACES . We endeavoured to bring some cheer and joy for the residents at Ren Ci on a digital format to continuously enhance the quality of lives of our respected pioneer generation.

NDP Cheers 2021

National Day Celebration @ Ren Ci Community Hospital 2020

We understand that social distancing has driven many people to delve into the darker realms of our minds. It is tough for regular folks with mobility and ability. This mental social isolation is further amplified for residents of hospices, homes and hospitals when visitations from loved one were restricted for months. SWA brought some cheer and joy for the residents at Ren Ci in our small ways through our activities.

National Day Celebration @ Ren Ci Community Hospital 2020

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