Programme: Community
Date: March 5, 2022
Author: Angela Wong Lai SheungAngela Wong Lai Sheung

Laughter Yoga Community Outreach at Changi Simei CC

As part of Changi Simei CC International Women's Day Celebration programme on 6 March 2022, SWA Laughter Yoga and Wellness club was invited to share with the residents in Changi Simei area with a twenty minutes Laughter Yoga

event photo

The theme of this year’s IWD is Break the Bias. Sara Mei Woo gave an introduction to laughter Yoga. We celebrated IWD by doing a Teh Terik toast, followed by exercises. As women, we need to care for and love ourselves. Angela led the “Love yourself” exercises. Faith led the “We Are Strong” exercises demonstrating that women would be strong and flexible. Fang Fang led the “Courage” exercises to step out and step up. Angela did the “network of support” by saying hi to friends and family near and far. We closed the programme with a free dance using the actions from the exercises we demonstrated during the session. All residents enjoyed the fun and healthy exercises.