Programme: Elderly
Date: February 9, 2022
Author: Angela Wong Lai SheungAngela Wong Lai Sheung

Lunar New Year Celebration with Ren Ci Hospital

Singapore Women's Association in collaboration with Ren Ci Hospital brought much joy to the residents with our annual Lunar New Year activities. The challenges brought about by Covid is further amplified as the majority of the residents in Ren Ci hospital are pretty much devoid of human interactions due to their health conditions and the multitude of restrictions brought about by the threat of Delta and Omnicron.   

event photo

This year we did a roaring Year of the Tiger digital celebration with the seniors with our improved technological equipment and a series of well-planned multi activities that brought about some physical activities, Wheel-of-Fortune game with well-loved lunar new year songs and music.

We managed to create some buzz and excitement with door gifts for more than 400 residents in Ren Ci Nursing Homes and Chronic Sick Unit and including gifts for participating in the games hosted by Roxanne who is our very own Miss Singapore 2015.

Seniors celebrating Lunar New Year with SWA over an interactive Zoom session

Our President Li Li Hua delivered a warm welcome speech and addressed the seniors with her heartfelt greetings to elevate their spirits. She has expressed her gratitude to all the volunteers from SWA and the staff from Ren Ci Hospital for the time and efforts in hosting this successful event. We kicked off the activities with a session of Laughter Yoga.

Everyone enjoyed the Laughter Yoga session which was superbly conducted by our SWA’s Laughter Yoga Wellness Club Team members. This was led by SWA's Laughter Yoga Wellness Club team members. All credit goes to our leads in this program namely- Sara Mei Woo, Angela Wong, Fang Feng and Faith.

Our volunteers, Cecilia, Camen and Simorrah led a hearty sing-along session with the residents and received much participation from the residents. Cecilia wasn't able to join us for this celebration. She has graciously recorded her performance for our enjoyment. We are looking forward to her joining us at our next event.

Check out our exciting Lunar New Year-themed wheel of fortune game led by Roxanne Zhang, our Miss Singapore International 2015.

SWA deeply appreciates being given the opportunity to deliver joy to the residents of Ren Ci Hospital during this Lunar New Year festive season. We hope that we can continuously deliver such programs and more for the residents and look forward to bringing a face-to-face human touch when the situation improves as we are mindful that we do not put anyone at risk during this crucial period of unknowns.