Programme: Elderly
Date: August 4, 2020
Author: Lee Li HuaLee Li Hua

National Day Celebration @ Ren Ci Community Hospital 2020

We understand that social distancing has driven many people to delve into the darker realms of our minds. It is tough for regular folks with mobility and ability. This mental social isolation is further amplified for residents of hospices, homes and hospitals when visitations from loved one were restricted for months. SWA brought some cheer and joy for the residents at Ren Ci in our small ways through our activities.

event photo

We kicked off the event on 5th August via Zoom. Our Master of ceremony (MC) Ian did the opening with his cheerful demeanour and had the audience getting excited with their flags and smiles. Our president shared a heart-warming message with her welcome speech, and we stand together and lifted our voices to the National Anthem. All of us proudly recited the pledge and brought a spark to many of the residents. Many of these residents have played a part in our nation building and it is particularly meaningful to them.

Our SWA team embraced diversity by greeting everyone in various languages and took turns belting out familiar old tunes to sing along sessions with the attentive audience. It was inspiring to have them smile and move along to the old favourites.

Charlotte, our current Miss Singapore International held the court and got their competitive streaks going through and exciting and engaging game of bingo. Many of the residents enjoyed this exciting session.

The activity that stole the light was the Laughter Yoga. It was extremely gratifying to see them raise their hands and laugh heartily. As we all know, laughter is infectious, and it certainly hit a sweet spot with the residents. This was so popular that we are working on the possibility of holding more frequent sessions with the residents.

The 1 hour event started a new journey of memories for many. We are glad that we managed to pull through this digital event and brought something new and exciting to the folks. May the red and white spirit of our nation rise above the gloom of Covid-19 and we at SWA aim to bring much light to many of us in the society and reduce the impact of social distancing through our warmth and our activities.