Programme: Elderly
Date: August 3, 2021
Author: Lee Li HuaLee Li Hua

NDP Cheers 2021

Our Pioneer generation grew up during the tumultuous years of the 1930s and early 1960s. They steered the labour force in turbulent times, building a sturdy foundation.The covid situation has greatly reduced the quality of daily lives.This year, SWA improved on our AV preparations to enhance the quality of the celebration with our highly valued partners - Ren Ci Hospital and ACES . We endeavoured to bring some cheer and joy for the residents at Ren Ci on a digital format to continuously enhance the quality of lives of our respected pioneer generation.

event photo

We kicked off the event via Zoom with a heart warming welcome speech from our President Li Lihua. A series of entertainment which was tailored to their preference was conducted by various members of SWA. We stood together and lifted our voices to the National Anthem. We recited the pledge and heard resounding response from many of the residents. These activities echoed the residents strong sentiments towards Singapore .

Our SWA volunteers took personal time to sing oldies that the residents can relate to and introduced the 2021 NDP song to them. It was truly gratifying see their smiles and swaying motions to the power of music.

Roxanne Zhang, our Miss Singapore International 2015 conducted an interactive session consisting of fun games to help the residents exercise their cognitive ability. We believe that these activities can help the elderly practice their intuitive decision making skills which translates to enhanced daily activities through natural cognitive responses.

For our grand finale, SWA's spritely Laughter Yoga Team conducted a lively session to liven up the moods. The resident raise their hands and laughed heartily. As we all know, a smile is a curve that sets everything straight and no medicine is better than a belly rumbling good laugh.

We are grateful that we managed to improve on our resources from past experience and brought a regular offline event online. Our success lies not in what is done but in the joy of the recipients. We hope that we can inspire many more to join us in a variety of our events to help contribute to our continuous efforts to build a stronger community.