Programme: Elderly
Date: August 19, 2022
Author: Angela Wong Lai SheungAngela Wong Lai Sheung

SWA & Ren Ci Hospital NDP Celebrations 2022

Singapore Women Association (SWA) and our valued partners Ren Ci Hospital and ACE Seniors collaborated and delivered our annual NDP event in 2022. This is a promise made to the residents at Ren Ci Hospital to incite a twinkle in their eyes. We are proud to share that our members and volunteers of SWA never failed to uphold this traditional NDP event even throughout the last 2 years. This is made possible by your generosity in our annual fundraising charity dinner.

event photo

We are relieved that restricted visitations from loved ones have finally dwindled as the global covid situation improves. Credit goes to our government’s resilience and foresight and which helped us throughout the darkest period of our current situation.

We deployed a successful hybrid model with volunteers on-site and a digital platform off-site hosting. The digital transformations we have embarked on have allowed us to bring our annual activities more meaningfully to more people as we managed to have 28 volunteers stationed across 3 Ren Ci hospital locations providing personalized attention to more than 50 residents. We bring forth a slew of age-centric programs aimed to improve their physical and mental faculties. This model greatly encourages participation versus a purely digital platform. It resulted in a larger and more impactful outreach.

We are blessed with a motivating president Ms Lee Li Hua who opened the event with a heart-warming speech followed by a flurry of activities with a team of passionate board members and volunteers.

Led by Wendy Khon, the residents and volunteers took pride when singing the National Anthem and reciting the pledge. The first activity was Laughter Yoga helmed by Sara Mei Woo, Angela Wong and Feng Fang.

After the much-needed exercise, residents were entertained by oldies and goldies in multiple languages belted out by our active volunteer singers.

Roxanne (Miss Singapore International 2015) ignited their competitive spirit with rounds of memory card matching games made up of our Singapore local delicacies.

We ended the power-packed day at its height with treats and game prizes brought forth by your kind contribution. Residents received: - 710 meal packets, 939 goodie bags delivered by ACES to Ren Ci. 716 soya bean curds were delivered by SWA to Ren Ci. Residents also received game prizes and a small national day flag during the programme. About 42 volunteers were involved in this event.