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Representing Singapore in Miss International Pageant.

Empower, Lead, Inspire

Your Journey Starts at Miss Singapore Pageant International 2024

Join Miss Singapore Pageant International 2024 and take a step towards making a difference. This platform is more than a beauty contest; it's an opportunity to champion social causes, develop leadership skills, and represent Singapore globally. We're looking for individuals ready to impact the community positively and grow personally and professionally. If you're passionate about charity, aspire to inspire, and want to develop your potential, apply now. Let's make your voice heard and your actions count.

  • Champion Social Causes: Use this platform to advocate for issues close to your heart.
  • Professional and Personal Growth: Enhance your leadership, public speaking, and community service skills.
  • Global Representation: Carry the pride of Singapore on an international stage.

Thank you for your interest.
Please read and adhere to the following official rules and regulations of Miss Singapore Pageant International. To be eligible as a Contestant:

  • Must be single, never married, nor given birth to a child and a born female.
  • Singapore Citizen
  • Height 160 centimetres and above.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified for an audition and will be requested to provide proof of citizenship (e.g. NRIC) for verification purpose. We regret that we may not be able to respond to all applications individually.
  • Selected applicants must be committed to attending the three (3) months of training and preparation sessions starting from May 2024, leading up to Miss Singapore Pageant International final.
  • Be of good health, sound mind and moral character.
  • Filling out the form: You may complete the Personal Information section and leave out the rest to express your interest in participating. We will contact you later to provide the rest of the information in Body Measurement, profile photos and introduction video.

This pageant is helmed by Singapore Women Association. An association established since 1975 to promote the well being of young women and build soft skills that will shine in you as an individual.

Personal Information

(as shown in NRIC)

Body measurement


Profile photo and introduction video

You may share more than one photo (e.g. headshot and full figure). Provide the shared link of your Dropbox, Google Drive folder or any photo sharing site.

Write a few sentences about yourself, your interests or hobbies.

Upload your introductory video to Youtube, Dropbox, Google Drive or any video sharing site and share your link here.

Social Media references (optional)

Please provide one or more of your social media references where appropriate. This is only for our initial assessment.

Agreement & Declarations

I declare that all information provided in this form application is true and valid. Any misrepresentation of the truth will result in immediate disqualification from the pageant.

I agree to all the rules and regulations stated on the application, including providing the necessary documentation for verification purposes.

I consent for Singapore Women’s Association collecting, using, disclosing to third parties and transferring overseas to international pageant bodies, my personal information for processing consistent with the purposes of the Singapore and International pageants.