Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) runs a big charity fund-raiser on an annual basis. It is the only time we garner all our voluntary resources to raise funds to support our programs and community outreach.

The net proceeds are used throughout the year for our Vision Care program, old folks home projects, community hospitals projects and our selected beneficiaries. We are listed as an IPC charity organization allowing individuals and corporates to receive tax relieves for donations.

The charity dinner is also the finale for the Miss Singapore Pageant. The young ladies are transformed from months of gruelling training and charity work. We unveil them at this purposeful and meaningful event.

Do join us on this journey by attending our fundraising charity dinner or being a corporate sponsor. Every bit counts as we give back to society what we have gained from it.

Singapore Vision Care Programme

In true Singaporean fashion, this is one event but it has many agendas. This is an annual fundraiser, which I am happy to support. ​

First, it is a chance for young women to be supported and given a chance and an international platform, to become daughters of a better age.

For this year, Miss Singapore International will represent us in Japan to promote philanthropy and pass the torch to a new generation of women to inculcate charity and voluntarism. Miss Singapore Supranational promotes cultural and international exchanges as a representative of Singapore in Poland.

Second, it is an important arena for the young people of Singapore to be actively involved in the community.

Last, it is a way to ensure that the generosity of those who do well does to those to most need it. The funds raised from this event are channelled carefully to a few programmes - for example, the Vision Care Programmes, a free eye screening programme that is run at homes and community centres.

Finally, I take this opportunity to express SWA's appreciation to all the donors and supporters for their generosity and care. Together, we can build a more caring, inclusive and giving society. Enjoy the evening and program.

Mr Seah Kian Peng Member of Parliament, Marine Parade GRC

Seah Kian Peng

Blessed with a vision and an untrammelled thirst to improve our society, our Founding President, the late Mrs Seow Peck Leng founded SWA in 1954. ​

Singapore Women's Association at 65 years old, is a testament to the commitment of the members and the Association to pursue the goals and ideals of SWA such as to provide opportunities for women to help one another socially, educationally, culturally and to serve the community especially the elderly, to enhance better health, livelihood and social status for women and children and lastly to promote fellowship, cultural interests and participation in the community activities locally and globally. The past 64 years have been amazing journey for us.

We honour and hope to continue the journey begun by the late Mrs Seow. ​

To fuel this journey, I would like to request for your continuous support to SWA and with patience and perseverance and through partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our mission, passion and determination to achieve our SWA's ideals and goals. ​

On behalf of the board and staff of SWA, I take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to all our sponsors, donors and friends for your support, donations and sponsorship.

​ Lastly, I hope everyone present will have a wonderful time.

Ms Lee Li Hua President, Singapore Women's Association

Lee Li Hua

Sponsors (2019)

Hong Leong Foundation
Athena Academy
FairPrice Foundation
Lee Foundation