Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) runs a big charity fund-raiser on an annual basis. It is the only time we garner all our voluntary resources to raise funds to support our programs and community outreach.

The net proceeds are used throughout the year for our Vision Care program, old folks home projects, community hospitals projects and our selected beneficiaries. We are listed as an IPC charity organization allowing individuals and corporates to receive tax relieves for donations.

The charity dinner is also the finale for the Miss Singapore Pageant. The young ladies are transformed from months of gruelling training and charity work. We unveil them at this purposeful and meaningful event.

Do join us on this journey by attending our fundraising charity dinner or being a corporate sponsor. Every bit counts as we give back to society what we have gained from it.


Since its founding in 1954, the Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) has been providing opportunities for women to play a more important role in the education, social, and economic development of Singapore.​

Last year, the SWA joined the rest of Singapore in marking the achievements of women with 2021 dedicated as the “Year of Celebrating SG Women”.

We have come a long way, but there is still much work to be done. This year, the SWA is working with two new charity partners with most worthy causes - the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) and Lions Prostheses Centre.

The Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) is a self-funding, non-profit social service agency formed to support and educate people about the genetic condition. Started in 1996 by a group of parents of children with Down syndrome, the society provides support to enable persons with Down syndrome to attain their full potential, and to lead a meaningful life.

The Lions Prostheses Centre (LPC) is relatively new - founded in May 2020 by a group of Lions Clubs in Singapore. This is in response to a unique problem in Singapore, which has one of the world’s highest diabetes related amputations - more than 1,500 yearly or about 4 a day.

The high costs of artificial limbs means many are deprived of the joy of independence, relying on crutches or wheelchairs for limited mobility. The LPC sponsors needy amputees with prosthetic limbs so as to allow them to enjoy a better quality of life, to walk and work again.

The SWA has an enduring legacy in educating us about important issues, making a difference to people’s lives, giving us all meaning and a common humanity. We are all proud to share in its important work.

Congratulations Singapore Women’s Association on your 45th anniversary.

Mr Seah Kian Peng Member of Parliament, Marine Parade GRC / Chairman GPC for Social and Family Development

Seah Kian Peng

After a 2 years hiatus, it is with utmost delight to announce that most of our activities are back on track.​

Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) was founded in 1954 as Siglap Girl’s Club. As SWA continues its journey into 68 years, we aim to carry on the legacy left by the late Mrs Seow.

Our aim was to provide opportunities for women to help one another socially, educationally, culturally. We have done this through our different programs, such as Athena Academy. Singapore Visioncare Program promotes better health for the elderly. Our partnerships with various women's homes help to improve the livelihood and social status of women and children. ​

It is through the Miss Singapore Pageant that young women will have the opportunity to represent Singapore internationally. This is done by promoting cultural exchanges and inculcating charity and giving back for a better society. ​

On behalf of SWA, I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all our donors, sponsors and supporters for their generosity and care.

​ Have a pleasant evening and hope you will like the program we prepared.

Ms Lee Li Hua President, Singapore Women's Association

Lee Li Hua

Sponsors (2022)

NTUC Foundation
Hock Tong Bee
Style Mmakers
S Lady
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