Project Rebuild

Joint project by Singapore Women Association(SWA) and
Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

SWA and Symrise are aligned in the desire to assist women and children impacted by domestic violence and taking temporary refuge in shelter rebuild their lives for a better futures.

Project Rebuild Roles

  • Symrise as corporate partner with cash donation funding
  • SWA as coordinator leading the program and disbursement for impact

Outcome of the Project Rebuild

Moonshot: Singapore Women’s Association (SWA) and Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Symrise) to establish a long-term collaboration to ensure continuity of Project Rebuild.

Project Rebuild progressive missions for 2022-2024

Empowering victims of domestic violence with a progressive future
We have scoped out the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) goals which corporates can use for their alignment in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work and or strategic plans in their sustainability journey.
  • (SDG Goal 1-No poverty)
  • (SDG Goal 4- Quality education)
  • (SDG Goal 10- Reduced inequalities)
  • (SDG Goal 17- Partnerships for the goals)


  • To provide part time work opportunities/training for career and livelihood sustenance
  • To provide drip funding to assist them with daily livelihood incumbrances for a designated interim period.
  • To ensue normality with activities to assist integration and be part of a trauma recovery process

SWA will be working with trustworthy partners in the space to ensure that the right assistance is provided to the right parties. This is ensured through 2 beneficiaries whom we have identified to bring forth the synergized missions Symrise and SWA have established.

Beneficiaries (Channels)

SWA will be working together with 3 established beneficiaries

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations(SCWO)Star Shelter Project
Collaboration with SWA since 2021.
Main provision - To provide a safe refuge for female victims of domestic violence regardless of race and religion and equip them with skills to take ownership of their lives.
Visit SCWO website for details

star shelter
star shelter

Singapore Anglican Community Services(SACS)AFC Temporary Refuge
Project to commence in January 2022
Main provision- To provide a safe refuge for female victims of domestic violence regardless of race and religion
Visit AFC website for details

star shelter
star shelter

Casa Raudha LtdAfter more than a decade of providing safe accommodation for survivors of domestic violence, Casa Raudha has evolved and cast its net wider in supporting vulnerable families and individuals in combating domestic violence.
Casa Raudha advocates for life free of domestic violence by providing shelter and care for survivors of domestic violence. Additionally, Casa Raudha also conducts programs to raise awareness and works closely with vulnerable families, including the perpetrators towards building resilience.
Visit Casa Raudha website for details

Structure of Programme

Funding sreams provisions

Financial Independence

One off funding for victims with low income declarations and qualifications who are shelter residents. It aims to support them after the departure from the shelter as they rebuild their lives and integrate into the society.

Disbursed sums for the individuals(Mother and children) to manage control and provide sense of security

Integration to society

One time all-expense paid mid-year excursion to a local places of interest to open their perspective and integrate with educational aspects and experience a regular family life to learn and manage their future expectations in a violent free environment.

Steps to trust

An annual lunch for them to share and learn with others in similar situations and to experience kindness in life. This all expense covered luncheon serves to help them get over their trauma and rebuild trust in people and extend their capabilities when they achieved their bandwidth to contribute.

Skills Development

Skills level development and design programs with Symrise to develop monetizable skills to help develop confidence and working skills for the women to reintegrate into the working community as a healthy individual

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