Ren Ci Hospital

SWA has adopted Ren Ci Hospital for the outreach programme to seniors who stay at the hospital. We foster collaborative partnerships to enhance the well-being and health of the people we serve. The objective is to partner with Ren Ci to provide inclusive healthcare for quality and meaningful living.
2020 - 2021 has been extremely challenging years for everyone. Covid-19 has left its footprint on our global map and it is still leaving its mark as we speak. Its massive destructive impact came like an unforeseen typhoon crashing upon all of us. Economies, jobs, lifestyle, daily habits, families, health, education and mental well-being are all impacted. It came as a universal leveller and no one is spared.

Singapore Women Association (SWA) had to learn fast and hard to conduct meetings via digital platforms and arrange activities through digital tools. Our annual activities with various homes were disrupted by this global disaster however, we persevered and discover new ways to bring that lift of the lips and twinkle in the eyes of the participants of our evergreen activities.