SWA Project Taking Charge

The Singapore Women's Association (SWA) has been running the "Taking Charge" programme for women from abused families living in shelters with generous support from our donors and supporters since 2008.

This is a customized training programme covering the following topics

  • Life Planning
  • Communication
  • Image Presentation
  • Image Styling
  • Interviews
  • Customer Care Skills
  • Financial Literacy

In 2019, three programmes were conducted in Two homes i.e. AFC Temporary Shelter (Singapore Anglican Community Services) and Star Shelter @Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation. About twenty women benefited from the programme. We have received happy and positive feedback from the residents:

“I like all the courses. It gave me a new perspective in life and to face life’s up and down. I like the image and styling session. I learnt new skills from customer services which was not a common course and was useful for both internal and external customer.”

“The programme helped me a lot in my life learning. It motivated me to have more energy, more focus. I learnt what to do before attending interview. I learnt how to project myself from the communication session. I like the sharing in the customer services session.”

“I enjoyed the communication session most. The tips in preparing for interview are useful. “

Our programme has helped these traumatized women rebuild their confidence, work on what they want to achieve for themselves and their children, recognize their self-worth, identify their capabilities, knowledge and skills, learn to speak confidently, understand their financial situation and how to plan.

It is heartening to see their renewed confidence building up and are able to live life independently with their children when they leave the shelters.

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