Volunteer with SWA

When I was approached to help in the event, I wondered what I can contribute. However, I readily agreed as I believe in nothing ventured nothing gained. It was a meaningful session when I see the smiles on the residents from the activities conducted. I realised that simply being there with a bright smile and having genuine conversations could bring so much to my soul and make someone else’s day.

Shirley Wong
Managing partner of TNF ventures

I am very passionate about singing and interested in composing songs. I am so happy to sing songs to the residents in Ren Ci.

Cecilia Thean

It was heart touching and an amazing experience to volunteer for Renci. Many old folks are lonely and grateful for some company. Glad the social staff and nurses are very helpful in guiding volunteers. It will be good to reach out to make a small difference to them.

Karen Tan
Head of private banking - Wealth Management VP bank

I have been a volunteer with SWA for the past few years. It was a very touching and heartfelt experience when I was able to meet and talk to some of the seniors at Ren Ci Hospital. Since the pandemic, I continued to volunteer for SWA and Ren Ci Hospital activities for the seniors over Zoom and was able to bring some joy through songs.

Business Development in telco industry

SWA welcomes donations and support from individuals and corporate member volunteers for supporting our charity efforts. You can be part of us and contribute your time or expertise to help us with administrative matters and management of our charity programmes & projects.

SWA encourages more people especially the young to volunteer in any community projects. The personal reward you gain will not only make you happy, but it also significantly and positively impact the lives of those you have helped. You learn, grow and widen your horizons. These only come when you are sincere, willing to serve and open to others