SWA Digital Transformation journey

Appeal for donation presentation deck

The Singapore Women's Association (SWA) has effectively navigated the challenges brought on by the pandemic by undergoing a digital transformation since 2020. This transition has allowed the organization to maintain resilience should similar situations arise and has enhanced its effectiveness and efficiency in its operations.

One major milestone accomplishment was the resumption of the Annual Charity Dinner in Oct 2022, which had been on hold for two years due to safety concerns. SWA utilized its digital capabilities to send electronic invitations. The appeal for donations to the Annual Charity Dinner was completely online, eliminating the need for costly printed materials.

Appeal for donation presentation deckAppeal for donation presentation deck

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Annual Charity Dinner Appeal for Donation

SWA also recruited participants and volunteers for the Charity Dinner with the help of online form capabilities and conducted interviews via video conferencing tools.

For the Project Symrise Year-end Lunch Event, event backdrop was designed and displayed electronically with the help of digital tools, cutting down on unnecessary printing cost.

Year-End Lunch Event

SWA intends to continue its digital journey by utilizing email and messaging services for internal and external communications. The organization is also migrating to Microsoft 365 & Azure for non-profits to improve communication, collaboration, and cloud hosting and storage capabilities.

The impact on the organization's regular activities supporting the community and senior citizens was minimal, thanks to digital adoption. For example, SWA continued to participate in National Day Parade celebrations and Lunar New Year festivities with various adopted Senior homes through online video conferencing and conducted numerous Laughter Yoga sessions online to help seniors stay engaged and happy.

SWA & Ren Ci Hospital NDP Celebrations 2022

SWA will soon streamline its internal invoice processing by transitioning to a fully digital system, which has improved the efficiency of approval and review processes, allowing the completion of most tasks electronically and remotely.

The organization is grateful for the grants provided by various technology vendors, enabling it to leverage digital technology fully. SWA will continue to adopt digital solutions progressively in 2023 and beyond.

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